Quality and Environmental Policy

Complying with the philosophy of a learning company SWAREFLEX commits to constantly improve the quality of its processes, products, services and environmental performance.

Customer Orientation:

We align all of our activities with customer needs and develop innovative and effective solutions for their problems. We achieve that via professional communication and interaction with the customer as well as the high quality of our information material.

Quality oriented Organization:

Every responsible person in the organization bears full quality responsibility for his/her area of authority. In the process he/she is supported by a quality manager (QM) and employees of quality control. All employees in our processes have to possess the corresponding capabilities for their quality relevant tasks.

Environmental Orientation:

Within the framework of social responsibility – also towards future generations – the sustainable use of resources and the consideration of a holistic environmental protection is a core element of SWAREFLEX’ business objectives. Products and solutions are designed for a minimum consumption of resources over their whole product life circle. SWAREFLEX products don’t cause any harm to the environment, neither during their production, nor their usage or disposal. The operation of production facilities aims to a minimum of environmental pollution.

Especially we focus on

- Reducing the consumption of resources (materials, electric energy, water, improvement of energy efficiency)
- Avoiding polluting technologies and dangerous materials and harmful substances
- Informing the customers about the proper use of our products
- Sustainable design of products and facilities
- Information on materials
- Compliance with the law on a local, national and international level

Process Orientation:

Defined processes and responsibilities lead SWAREFLEX to a flexible, customer oriented organization with high quality standards. Process discipline and stability are key preconditions for a continuous quality improvement.

Consistent Supplier Management:

We provide our customers with high quality products and solutions and expect correspondent quality standards of our suppliers. For this, we use a systematical supply management and incorporate our requirements on the suppliers in our purchasing conditions.

Enhanced Quality-, Environmental- and Consumer Complaint Reporting:

The current quality and environmental status is reported regularly via qualitative and quantitative indicators on the basis of specified reference values. It consists of KPIs, concrete customer complaints – internally as well as externally – and the error-cause analysis of occurring quality and environmental problems.

Audits and Certificates:

Our integrated management system is certified according to EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 14001 via annual supervisory audits and renewal audits every three years. All of our processes aim to comply with these standards.


Vomp, March 2, 2016

Management SWAREFLEX GMBH: Johannes Oberdanner, Wolf-Dietrich Plattner