Project „Überflieger“ Düsseldorf

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Almost 2 months earlier than the estimated completion date, works on the so-called „Überflieger“ in Düsseldorf are finished. After two years of construction Düsseldorf mayor Mr. Dirk Elbers and representatives of the department for traffic management inaugurated the bridge on 25 June 2012. The 220m long bridge with ist 16m high arches shall relieve traffic congestion at crossroads between the streets Völklingerstraße and Plockstraße. The light concept focuses on the highlighting of the bridge design. The absence of pole luminaires and the corresponding use of integrated linear luminaires along the glass bridge railing add to the dynamic of the architecture.

Below the pillars at the ends of the bridge a glowing concrete channel retraces the architectural outline. The realization of the concept required 800 SWARORAIL luminaires, which are installed hidden within the handrail. For the illumination on the ground, SWARORAILs were integrated in the concrete wall and create there a uniform gleam of light. The lighting system SWARORAIL shines with uniform illumination, robustness as well as resistance against environmental influences and vandalism. Combined with the longevity of the LEDs, low maintenance is ensured.