First underpass with Swareflex LED Solution in Turkey realized

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75 luminaires of the SWAROTUBE series light the 108m long underpass Battalgazi Altgecit in Malatya in the southeast of Turkey.

Three luminaire lines provide a homogeneous illumination of the road surface and the walls, thereby enhancing the orientation as well as the feeling of safety of road users in the underpass. Compact luminaires with only 10 LEDs create a minimum luminance of 2 cd/m² at a luminaire distance of 4m. The SWAROTUBES in the central line aim directly at the road surface while the lateral luminaire lines are tilted by 30° towards the road, illuminating both the road surface and the walls. The possibility of tilting the luminaire system is a crucial benefit for its installation and the lighting quality. The SWAROLINE modules with white and red LEDs serve as traffic guidance and also contribute to a better orientation.

The client was very positive about the energy efficiency (120lm/Watt) of the luminaires, their low maintenance due to the long lifetime of the LEDs (80.000 h.) and the easy installation and the pleasant and bright light of the SWAREFLEX solution. The precise and homogeneous lighting provides the driver a perfect vision and supports his perception of danger areas. The intelligent control system allows the adjustment of the underpass lighting to the outside brightness levels, offering a key advantage in comparison to conventional lighting systems.

The roundabout above the underpass is equipped with blue shining SWAROLINE modules in a chaser light mode for an early recognition of the roundabout by car drivers and motorcyclists.