SWAREFLEX lights newly opened Pfändertunnel on A 14

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With the renovated east tube which was opened on July 4th 2013 and the new west tube of the 6,7 km long Pfändertunnel, the Austrian road construction company ASFINAG revolutionized the most important route in Vorarlberg in terms of traffic safety and reduction of traffic jams. Within the framework of the tunnel safety initiative, the Pfändertunnel became one of the first tunnels in Europe equipped with an LED lighting concept. The assigned general contractor Austria Dürr GmbH, which installed all components, fabricated and put into operation the light distributors and integrated the whole tunnel control system, went for SWAREFLEX’ products and solutions for general lighting, active guidance systems and escape route marking.

The core of the SWAROTUBE system are Swarovski precision glass lenses, which are put individually on every LED light pioint and shine with a symmetric and customized light distribution. Thereby the luminaires are able to meet the high requirements on glare reduction and lighting homogeneity. The excellent transmission values and the durability of the glass lenses guarantee highest efficiency. The luminaire lifetime of 80.000 h ensures low maintenance costs, while the robust aluminum lumnaire body with IP66 and the glass lenses provide resistance against environmental, chemical and mechanical impacts.

The crucial factor besides the safety aspect was the profitability of the LED solution proven by the payback period rule. The efficient and durable SWAROTUBE guarantees substantially lower maintenance and operating costs than conventional lighting solutions. Furthermore, the sustainable investment provides a more efficient operating schedule: The separation of the electronic control components and the lamp prevents costly maintenance operations in the tunnel, which usually come along with traffic disturbances: The control unit SWAROCONTROL together with the power supplies is installed in easy to access control cabinets every 1.000m in the tunnel, so the traffic can flow unhindered during maintenance operations on the lighitng system. In order to reduce installation and maintenance times, SWAREFLEX equipped the SWAROTUBE with a tool-free connector system and prefabricated all wiring harnesses.