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World´s second highest building: Messages day and night visible over miles via LED media facade with crystal glass optics from SWAREFLEX.

With its 607 m the Makkah Clock Tower is the second highest building in the world. It comprises the world’s largest clock with a diameter of 43 meters and 70 x 11 meter LED media facades on each side of the tower. SWAREFLEX PRECISION delivered 618 000 specifically designed crystal glass optics for this project.

The special optical design of the lenses ensures that pilgrims can read the messages displayed on the media facade from miles away, by day and night. The special glass lenses, due to their high resistance against abrasion, chemicals as well as UV-impact, meet the extraordinary needs of an application in the Mecca desert. The crystal glass lenses were chemically hardened to withstand the extreme and sudden temperature changes in the desert. The Makkah Clock Tower is part of the Abraj al-Bait, a 1.7 million square meter shopping, hotel and apartment complex, located south of the Grand Mosque.