Tunnel Lighting Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf

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The special challenge of lighting this inner-city tunnel was to develop an energy efficient and low maintenance solution with LED technology, while meeting the high demands on light intensity and controllability.

74 luminaires of the SWAROTUBE series with a luminous flux of 20.000 lumen each illuminate the pavement and the tunnel walls complying with the high requirements regarding luminance in the threshold zone of tunnels. The interior zone is ideally lighted by an additional 70 linearly arranged SWAROTUBES. All luminaires are easy to maintain due to their mounting on cable trays in the upper border area on both sides of the tunnel. The power supplies as well as the SWAROCONTROL units are installed in control cabinets in the operation building outside of the tunnel thereby facilitating the direct access to the electronic components without affecting the flow of traffic. The system is also superior to conventional tunnel lighting due to its intelligent control, which allows for an adaptation of the tunnel lighting to the current daylight conditions.

The precise and homogeneous lighting provides optimum visual conditions while passing trough the tunnel. The perception of the tunnel as bright and pleasant increases the sense of security of the driver. After leaving the tunnel,SWARORAIL luminaire inserts in a stainless steel handrail provide additional safety and augment the attractiveness of the construction in the popular inner city area Kö-Bogen in Düsseldorf. The Kö-Bogen tunnel is Germany ́s first tunnel, that is exclusively lighted by LED technology. The installation of the lighting system could be realized within a short time so that the construction section could be put into operation nine months ahead of schedule. However, the planned construction costs weren ́t exceeded.