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With this 1,000m2 child care center the owner and developer of the facility intended to create a state-of-the-art, child-friendly learning and living environment for 126 children and their caregivers. Under these premises SWAREFLEX developed an individual, eco-friendly lighting concept that promotes comfort and well-being.

The different functional areas of the day care center required specific lighting solutions. For the multipurpose room our light planners created a secondary reflector system with SWARO TUBE luminaires on the walls and reflecting mirrors on the ceiling. The light is directed onto the mirrors, from where Swarovski precision crystal glass lenses evenly disperse the light into the room. The result is a particularly uniform and glare-free lighting. The same lighting system was chosen for the classrooms. In areas with low ceilings, below the galleries, high quality light is guaranteed by recessed SWARO CUBE luminaires with their brilliant, directional light. Unlike in the classrooms where the children spend most of the time working concentrated or playing actively, the lighting solutions in the bedrooms make for a particularly relaxing atmosphere. SWARO SPHERE downlights give an absolutely glare-free and soothing light, thanks to an innovative system of splitting and dispersing the light flux. This only 38mm high, recessed luminaire unobtrusively blends into the overall architecture.

The complete SWAREFLEX lighting solution discreetly enhances the architectural design of the building. The sophisticated arrangement of lights not only underlines the formal language of the architecture, but also highlights the impressive quality of the materials used. Thanks to the precision crystal optics, the lights are absolutely glare-free and evenly direct the light exactly where it is needed. Each room has its specific color scheme, based on color psychology taking into account the children’s age, the purpose of the room and the time spent in the room. The spectral range of high quality LEDs ensures a natural reproduction of this color concept. The group rooms exude a bright and warm atmosphere thanks to the sound- absorbing ceiling in pine wood, combined with lighting in the corresponding color spectrum.

Energy-efficient LED-lights from SWAREFLEX were also used for the outdoor area: driveway and parking lot are illuminated evenly and precisely with only two pole-mounted SWARO TUBE luminaires.

For Caritas the esthetics of perfect lighting was as important as its positive impact on health and the environment. The choice fell on a LED solution due to its minimal energy consumption, long service life, and the fact that it is mercury-free and can be recycled safely.

SWAREFLEX’ individual lighting solution perfectly met the goal to create the ideal light for a friendly learning and working environment. The result is a feel-good habitat for children and educators alike.