Parking Area Haulage Firm Unterer

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Unterer is an internationally operating full-service logistics company with over 275 curtainsiders and refrigerated vehicles. The company’s headquarters in Kundl, Austria, are surrounded by nature. Therefore, the lighting concept had to comply with strict regulatory requirements limiting light emission into the surrounding landscape. The special challenge consisted in creating an extremely precise lighting concept illuminating the parking area evenly without spilling over into the surrounding nature.

The concept was realized with a solution consisting of 24 SWAROTUBE lights, mounted in pairs on two-armed poles. The SWAROTUBEs , with a light flux of 8,000 lumens each, illuminate the 16,400 m² parking area with a total capacity of 2,200 watts. Asymmetrically radiating freeform optics and linear light positioning ensure high homogeneity with precise cut-off. The exact and even illumination guarantees optimum visual conditions for drivers and pedestrians alike.