Seehoftunnel Achenkirch

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During the renovation of the Seehof Tunnel in Achenkirch, Austria, the entire electrical and mechanical equipment was brought up to the latest state of technology. Particular emphasis was placed on an energy-efficient and low-maintenance design. Daylight incidence in galleries in the entrance and exit areas of the tunnel had to be taken into account in the lighting concept.

The tunnel entrance is illuminated by 14 asymmetrically distributing luminaires of the SWAROTUBE series with a luminous flux of 23,000 lumens each. Additionally, each of the entrance lanes is equipped with a row of 9 SWAROTUBEluminaires with a luminous flux of 7000 each, thus meeting the high luminance requirements. In the transit area another 48 centrically arranged SWAROTUBES ensure an optimal light situation.

Electronic ballasts as well as the control unit SWAROCONTROL are located outside the tunnel in a distribution rack inside the office building. This ensures easy access to the electronic components without affecting traffic flow at any time. SWAROTUBES are equipped with a tool-free plug-in system and prefabricated wiring harnesses, thus reducing installation and maintenance time. The system offers significant advantages over conventional tunnel lighting thanks to its intelligent control unit , allowing constant adjustment of the luminance to the outdoor brightness level.

In addition, the active guidance devices SWAROLINEand SWAROLEVELITE ensure excellent visibility of the traffic lane boundaries. In case of an accident SWAROEXIT escape route lighting, illuminated emergency exit signs and escape route signs have been added for quick and easy orientation.

The precise and uniform illumination in combination with the active guidance system ensures optimal visual conditions for drivers. The drivers’ sense of security is enhanced, and the tunnel appears bright and friendly.