The SWAREFLEX business unit SWAREFLEX PRECISION is drawing on its ability to develop, design, and manufacture optical masterpieces to create a revolution in lighting technology.

Functional Lighting

SWAREFLEX is developing functional lighting solutions for LED technology: secondary lenses that direct the light emitted from a dot-shaped LED in a target-oriented, energy-efficient way. SWAREFLEX lighting ensures outstanding visual comfort. Moreover, non-glare technology guarantees that essential elements can always be detected.

Swarovski’s Crystal Expertise

Key factors include the constant development of Swarovski’s unique crystal expertise, the company’s ability to set optic parameters, and a desire to redefine our understanding of electric lighting for generating an atmosphere of well-being and feeling safe.

We develop tailor-made optics for each application toghether with our customers.

Highest Precision and Quality

The outstanding precision and high quality of Swarovski special glass lenses – features that are required for all areas of application – are achieved thanks to mature manufacturing processes and the use of highly purified raw materials.

High Operational Efficiency

Thanks to outstanding manufacturing capabilitiies of Swarovski and SWAREFLEX, SWAREFLEX PRECISION solutions offer exceptional value for money.

Different Lense Shapes

SWAREFLEX PRECISION offers the following lense shapes:

  • Spherical lenses
  • Aspherical lenses
  • Freeform lenses and
  • Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lenses