The SWARO LENS E01 with elliptical light distribution is suited for a wide range of optical illumination, it was optimized for the use in parking garages. Swarovski special glasses, which are used in the production of our lenses, are highly transparent in the visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) wavelength ranges. The internal transmission of the glass at a layer thickness of 10 mm exceeds 99 %. Due to the high transformation temperatures (TG) our lenses can be used up to a maximum temperature of 450 °C. Swarovski special glasses also feature highest levels of resistance against acids, bases, phosphates and climatic influences.


Product Description SWARO LENS E01
Article Number A 9219 NR 000015
Type bubble lens, elliptical light distribution
Beam Angle (FWHM)*
Field Angle**
C0: 147° C90: 122°
C0: 122° C90: 133°
Dimensions 31 x 25 x 10 mm
Weight 7,97 g
Efficiency 90,2 %
Material Swarovski C5, nd = 1,56
Thermal Expansion α 20-300°C = 8,95 x 10-6 [K-1]
Application Temperature up to max. 450 °C
  • Resistance against acidic solutions acc. ISO 8424:1987:1
  • Resistance against alkaline solutions acc. ISO10629:1996:1
  • Resistance against alkaline phosphate acc. ISO 9689:1990:1
  • Climatic resistance acc. ISO WD 13384:1
  • Highest UV stability acc. IEC 62108
Designed for Cree XM-L ***

* decrease luminous intensity 50 %

** decrease luminous intensity 10 %

*** further LEDs on request