In a moving world SWAREFLEX TRAFFIC + INDUSTRIES with its broad spectrum of solutions and products contributes significantly to sustained safety and improved lighting for a broad variety of applications.


Swareflex Tunnel Safety in Tunnels and Galleries
Swareflex Road Safe and Reliable Guidance on Roads and Highways
Swareflex Building Guidance and Lighting for Industrial Structure


SWAREFLEX TRAFFIC + INDUSTRIES offers a wide range of solutions representing a substantial contribution to the improvement of safety on the roads, in tunnels, and in all areas of industrial facilities. The range of solutions includes areas such as traffic guidance, marking for emergency routes, general lighting and hazardous area warning signs.

Product Lines

Swareflex Lighting SWAREFLEX offers innovative lighting systems, combining the latest in LED technology with high-precision crystal glass optics. The modular concept is the key feature, allowing customized lighting solutions for road and rail tunnels, parking lots and parking garages, streets and traffic areas as well as industrial buildings and airports.
Swareflex Active Guidance The well-orchestrated portfolio of active guidance products is constantely beeing improved on the basis of the latest LED technology and latest findings in psychology of perception. The use of LED technology combined with deep experience in the design and production of precision lenses ensures a high degree of innovation in these products. The low energy consumption and the long lifecycle of SWAREFLEX electronic road safety products result in high economic value. The product designs range from classic guidance solutions to novel solutions for tunnels, industrial facilities, highways, roads and rotary traffic.
Swareflex Crystal Glass Reflectors Because of its unique optical, chemical and mechanical properties, glass is particularly well suited for use in sophisticated traffic technology. SWAREFLEX has been using high-quality, extremely robust and durable Swarovski special-purpose glass elements for its reflector products for decades. SWAREFLEX glass reflectors work on the principle of retro-reflection: A bundle of light rays striking the biconvex glass elements is reflected back to its original place, regardless of the direction from which the light ray bundle hits the glass elements. To optimize reflectivity, the shape of the biconvex glass elements is calculated precisely using computer technology. The back of the glass elements used consists of a highly reflective silver mirror layer and additional special protection layers.


The three product lines Illumination, Active Guidance and Crystal Glass Reflectors cover areas such as tunnel. street and industrial building lighting, LED based active and retro-reflector based passive guidance as well as marking for emergency and hazardous areas exits.