Innovative LED Lighting System for Roads, Streets, Tunnels and Industrial Facilities


SWARO TUBE is a new radical approach in functional lighting with high-power LEDs: With its crystal glass optics and optimized radiation geometrics in high-quality aluminum housing, SWAREFLEX ushers in a new era of indoor and outdoor illumination as well as tunnel lighting. Already today the system allows for luminous efficacies of 140 lm per watt (system output). The high system efficiency, low energy consumption, the low maintenance, the use of recyclable components and the long service life underline the sustainability of this solution. SwaroTube is suitable for multiple applications.



  • Tunnel lighting with LED lighting and Swarovski precision glass lenses
  • Prevention of psycho-visual irritation
  • Absolutely dazzle-free
  • High resistance against aggressive tunnel atmosphere
  • Failure-resistance through redundant LED switching
  • Low maintenance
  • Suitable for machine cleaning
  • Highly efficient
  • Continuous brightness control
  • Highly efficient photometric curve
  • Separation of electronic components and lighting


Application Areas

  • Road Tunnels
  • Stations and Platforms
  • Urban and Interurban Streets and Roads
  • Parking Areas
  • Multi-story Parking and Underground Parking
  • Event- and Exhibition Halls
  • Public Buildings
  • Industrial buildings and compounds
  • Stadiums
  • Logistics and Shipping Centers
  • Office Buildings



In 2011, the International Road Federation awarded Swareflex the "Global Road Achievement Award" in the category "Technology / facilities and production" for its product SWARO TUBE. In 2012 SWARO TUBE was bestowed with the "Innovation Award Architecture and Technology" of the journals AIT and xia Intelligent Architecture. The innovative LED lighting concept for the parking garage “THE SQUAIRE” at Frankfurt Airport, realized with SWARO TUBE, was awarded the Fraport Energy Award 2012.


SWARO TUBE is a versatile and efficient LED lighting system for various applications such as tunnels, industrial buildings, parks, streets and traffic spaces in urban areas or airports. It consists of different housing profiles, which can be combined with all SWAREFLEX PRECISION crystal optics. Depending on the application housing, mounting system, LEDs, electronics and lens optics will be coordinated. The combination of these building blocks makes for bespoke lighting solutions.



Elements 3 elements: COM module, power supply and iREGs
Power Supply Several luminaires per iREG
Luminaire Control Flexible arrangement (preferably in E- distribution,
Optionally in a separate distribution housing at the lighting modules)
Luminaire Monitoring Working condition,
Feedback from individual LED
Brightness Control 8 levels or continuous
Day / night brightness adjustment
Installation Flexible installation of the iREG with the system design
(e. g. through easily accessible e- distribution for easy maintenance and avoiding any of f-times)
Features Integration into central tunnel control via 4 – 20 mA, L AN, Profibus DP or potential-free contacts (e. g. PLC)